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Stephanie Yoshida

 West Coast Branch Recruiter

When looking for a job, you can move on to the next step only when various conditions such as trigger, timing, and resolution of the person.
We will do our utmost to help you enrich your life by resolving your anxieties one by one, finding what you really want, and taking you to the next step.

Everyone is anxious at first.

“ I hope that consulting with us will be the first step to change your life. ”


Recruiter for West Coast Branch, and I am mainly in charge of general support for holding events.
We provide total support according to various events, such as obtaining the license required when holding an event, setting up the event, hiring human resources, setting up the stage and sound. It will be very rewarding to hear the words of joy from everyone when the events involved were successful!


“ Please feel free to contact us first!
We will help you with all the experienced staff! ”

Maya Henggeler HS-009-Edit (1).jpg

Maya Henggeler

Recruiter, Outsourcing & Event consultant 

Takako Shimakage


I always feel, "I'm glad I did this job," when people who were looking for a job seemed uneasy at first when they had a very confident face when they got a new job. 
Everyone has the courage to try new things, but we will support you with our abundant experience, so please feel free to leave it to us.

“ All TMS staff are experienced.
Please feel free to contact us in either English or Japanese. ”

Takako Shimakage HS-032-Edit3 (1).jpg

Yumiko Yoshino

East  Coast Senior Recruiter 

Recruiter for All of the States. Each of you's past experiences and knowledge is a treasure that will never be stolen by anyone. In order to bring out the charm of each person, we will listen carefully and introduce the job that is right for you from among the many options.
Let's take the first step for our future smile!

“ Find the charm and skills from each person's experience and introduce the job that suits you.
Don't worry, just leave it to TMS to find a job! 

Yumiko TMS HS-8 (1).jpg
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21151 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501


PH: (310)328-0867

FAX: (310)328-0865


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