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For Employers


Our team will recognize your talent needs and provide quality support to acquire a perfect match between you and the candidate.

Let us know about your ideal candidate. 

Our recruiter is available to visit your company directly to discuss your needs in detail.


Why should we use your service?

  • Efficiency in talent hiring

  • Secure candidates with experience

  • Reduce hiring process time

  • Reduce cost efficiently

Upon receiving the job description and requirements, we will start our search for a well-matched candidate.

After finding the best suited candidates, we will conduct the screening process - including our own interview - to ensure they possess the skills and requirements which you are seeking.  A background check will only be conducted after an offer is made (*please see below for more details).

For those who passed the screening process, we will send over a copy of their resume along with a brief introduction to you.  We will only introduce candidates who were able to pass the screening process.  

After reviewing the resume, if you'd like to move forward with an interview we will contact the candidate and assist with setting up the best date and time for an interview. 

If the interview went well and you'd like to proceed with hiring the candidate, we will contact them with the offer details. *It is at this time we will conduct the background check - we will inform the candidate the offer is contingent upon a successful completion of the check.  We will continue to assist you and the candidate with any questions or concerns leading up to the first day of employment. 

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