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Construction Manager

Brea, CA, USA

Job Type

Full-Time; Direct-Hire

About the Role

Location: Brea, CA

Shift: Monday to Friday; 9:00am to 6:00pm

Compensation: Up to $66,000 + benefits

  • Manage the construction team for on-budget and timely new-store development.

  • Travel onsite to check on progress of construction and address any issues or questions.

  • Travel to sites to conduct site surveys to determine if the space is viable for the business model

being planned.

  • Manage the construction team to create a maintenance plan for existing stores and execute the

maintenance schedule.

  • Oversee the construction team’s delegation of repair requests from the stores.

  • Coordinate with internal departments for new-store layouts.

  • Coordinate with various vendors for new-store layouts.

  • Review and approve contracts with various contractors.

  • Provide budget and spending analysis for internal review processes.

  • Find ways to improve and/or refine the current processes of procurement and/or development.

  • Stay mindful of new trends to the involved industries for new opportunities and methods.


  • 4-year college degree in construction management or business management preferred but not required.

  • Experience in store development or general construction will be advantageous, especially in the retail or hospitality industries.

  • Flexibility to do business trips.

  • Computer Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams)

  • Ability to use AutoCAD 2D is highly desirable

  • Japanese Bilingual is a plus

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